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    Ep 115: She Bop to Spidey

    This episode begins with a spoiler-free review of of Captain America: Civil War which turns into a Spiderman love-fest. Ben from the network stops by to complain about us killing yet another beloved celebrity, and we finish it off with a healthy discussion about masturbation. Click your mouse, stuff your muffin, and beat around the bush while you listen to this episode! […]

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    Ep 114: People for the Ethical Treatment of Goats Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | More Subscribe OptionsFew words could describe this episode better than these:  GOAT CUM. We also discuss Miitomo, and play a new spin [...]

    Ep 113- Sex Ed(die Vedder)

    Have kids? Maybe one day, you’ll have the opportunity to explain analingus to them. Then again, maybe you aren’t Lauren, and you would rather be a loving mother that doesn’t scar her children with overly-progressive sexual education. Speaking of anal, this episode is jam-packed with pegging! […]

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    Ep 112: Mermaid Wars

    Ben Taylor returns to defend Peter’s decision to jerk-off to Magic Mike, but Jennie and Lauren quickly turn the discussion back to Star Wars. We get voice mails from a masturbator and a loyal listener, and engage in a thought provoking discussion about Mermaids. […]



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