Nice to be able to hear a podcast from women who are just -real-”

Mona C.

Sexual Sectional

In this episode we discuss that fine line between public and personal life. Everyone is guilty of occasionally oversharing personal details on the internet, but some of us just go too far!

There’s also a fine line between calling a sofa a “sectional” vs. a “sexual,” as we also find out.

Also in this episode, a special Christmas treat as we debut the “12 Days of Sexmas” with DJ and Justin of Your Music Show! They run a really fantastic podcast highlighting local music from the Hampton Roads area that we call home.

As we chatted about creepers, boyfriends, and mushy Facebook couples, we took a few calls from listeners: Torres of Torres vs. Zombies, Darrell of DC Noise podcast and a half dozen other shows, Charlynn of, and Tommy V of the internet and Bored in the Basement apparel.

If you’d like to participate on a future show, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and when we eventually decide on our next topic, you can call us at 757-541-CUNT and leave a voicemail! Even if we don’t have a topic, call us with your suggestions, thoughts, or just breathe heavily into the mic whispering naughty things.

This episode was recorded live in front of an internet studio audience. To see the video:

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