Why Tom Hiddleston is Awesome

Sure, the guy is super fine and British and tall and plays the most adored comic book villain in cinema history, but why do I spend hours upon hours of my life staring at photos and watching him in internet videos?  There’s got to be something extra special about Thomas William Hiddleston, right?  The answer is RIGHT. Allow me to list the reasons I go so incredibly goo-goo-ga-ga for Tommy Hids (I would never call him that.  That’s a silly nickname):

His hair.  It’s naturally curly, but no matter the style or color, it’s always gorgeous and I want to touch it.






Tom is a goofy gooferson.  He does impressions too.


His hands, especially his pinky fingers.





The man sits like this, ALL THE TIME.  tumblr_ma633a0YK01rt7tb9




His laugh.  There’s even a twitter account for it, I believe.


He shows up at Comic Con in full Loki costume I MEAN WHO DOES THAT?!


He does things for charity, most notably UNICEF UK.  



Finally, Tom is an extremely talented, intelligent, positive, and caring famous dude that is kind to fans and really seems to be enjoying life.  


So there you go.  I’m a Hiddlestoner.  Deal with it.


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Born from the forbidden love between Batman and a sexy hobbit, Meri kills her enemies with lasers shot from her eyeballs. Cats are her minions, and Tom Hiddleston is her husband of 15 years.

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