Nothing is held back, even when it should be.”

Mark G.

When a drunk stumbles in front of a speeding car, we win!

The episode in which Jennie, Meri and Deb talk about the most messed up collection of dildos on the Web. But first we take a call from Meri’s mom. Also: Jennie’s paranoia reaches new heights when she ponders the deeper meaning of a why a stranger would stumble into the middle of the street and give her the finger. (Hint: Drugs. Lots of drugs.) Meri and Deb don’t understand, because they believe the sugar sweet of Jennie’s soul is un-hateable – except when people start eating in a quiet room. Then, the conversation turns to sexy vocal clicking and dry mouth. Bonus: We have callers!!! And a fan… maybe. And, and, and… porn! Dead hookers! Semen-infested cookies and shots! Nooooooo!


Look for this week’s songs and for-sale goodies in the Amazon galleries below.

A Very belated happy birthday to our friend, HoMo!


Scariest Dildos You’ve Ever Seen

School Teacher Pleads Guilty To Feeding Students Semen-Laced Cookies


Songs: Johnny on the Island by the Fighting Jamesons, The Bunting Song by the Good, the Bad, and the Queen, and Suckboy vs the Hermaphrodite by Combine (not currently available for download)


Natural Harvest: A collection of semen-based recipes

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