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Zombie Rabid Beavers

Bachelors, Zombeavers, and Merkins, Oh my!  Jennie’s co-worker called her fat, or pregnant, which is worse? We talk a little about the Farrow/ Allen controversy, so it does get a little heavier toward the end. You’ve been warned. We’re doing a special little program in a couple weeks. Call in and sing us a song or something.


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An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow

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  1. I’ve been trying like Hell to stay out of the Allen/Farrow debate, but I would like to point out a correction. Allen was never a father figure to Soon-Yi. Mia and Woody never even lived in the same house while they were together. Yes, it is still pretty skeevy of him to date her adopted daughter and eventually marry her, but their relationship didn’t come from a “family” setting. It certainly doesn’t help the public’s image of Woody and makes it easier for people to side with Farrow. I’m trying like Hell to stay out of this because I think this is a private family matter that should be taken care of between them. I will admit to a Allen bias because I have immense respect for him as a writer. That being said, I’m siding with the original investigation which concluded that there just wasn’t enough evidence, there were inconsistencies in Farrow’s story, and she was likely brainwashed by a woman who felt betrayed by the man she loved. Of course, this puts me on shakey ground because it looks like I’m blaming the victim. I’m not at all. I just think “innocent until proven guilty” applies. Also, it should be noted that Mia Farrow remains close friends with Roman Polanski, and that dude was guilty of statutory rape.

  2. It’s about time I reply to this… you bring up great points. I think we basically agree but lean toward opposite sides. I’m not particularly condemning him — I’m just kinda lazy (obviously) and am not going to go out of my way to see any of his movies. He just skeeves me out at this point.

    Yes, this is coming from someone who recently wrote an article about separating an artist’s views from their body of work. (I still haven’t seen Ender’s Game, if that counts for anything. Again though – lazy.)

    I don’t particularly remember the details of this scandal as it developed originally, I’m only going on what the internet says from recent events, and that’s ALWAYS right. … right?

    Mia Farrow is not innocent in any of this either, I don’t think, but I am just as hesitant to assume that she completely brainwashed her kid as you are of assuming Allen is a rapist. As with a lot of situations, I’d guess the truth is somewhere in between.

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