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Mona C.

Calorie Alert

May 13, 2014 0

Jean brought her friend Tori to the show last weekend and apparently everyone was hungry because the whole first half was about fast food. McDonald’s discontinued the Mighty Wings which led to a discussion about In n Out Burger, 5 Guys, Taco Bell breakfast, and goddamn I’m hungry. Vibram 5 fingers have been recalled and we discuss the type of people that wear them, and some improvements on the design. The series finale of Dexter rears its ugly, bearded lumberjacked head yet again. […]

So You Want To Buy A Vibrator?

May 1, 2014 0

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Maybe things have gotten a little bland in the bedroom or maybe you’ve always been a little a curious and are finally ready to take the next step. Either way, you won’t regret getting your first vibrator. … […]