Nice to be able to hear a podcast from women who are just -real-”

Mona C.

Clean as a Virgin White Russian

Jen does the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Jean enjoys a “special” drink while discussing the Starbucks secret menu. Jennie tries to talk about having sex with a dolphin, but technical difficulties make the whole super awkward conversation … disappear. Like magic.

We take voicemails including a listener challenge callback to PPT Stories! 

Technical difficulties aboundeded, and so we were forced to return to our old friend Mister Girthy the mic. Audio quality may be a bit lower than usual but hey, you got a damn show! Suck it up! YMCKc6a

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Dailymail: Man who had sex for a year with a captive Dolphin called Dolly speaks out about their year-long love affair in new documentary and claims SHE seduced him

Happy Times (Tiempos Felices)


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The Discomfort of Being Watched

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