Ep 114: People for the Ethical Treatment of Goats

Few words could describe this episode better than these:  GOAT CUM. We also discuss Miitomo, and play a new spin on our Urban Dictionary game. Throw the dogs in the tub, make yourself a tasty firehouse salad, rust up the rudders, and listen to Mouthy Broadcast.


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“Cattle My Rage”



Rusty Rudder

Double Dutch Rusty Rudder

Dogs in the Tub

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5 Comments on Ep 114: People for the Ethical Treatment of Goats

    • I’ll have to give these a try if they carry them at the British Shop. is there a somewhat acceptable substitute?
      By the look only. they remind me of chocolate covered grahams which are one of my favorite snacks on the planet.

      • I’m not sure if there is a suitable alternative to a TimTam. Most aficionados will only slam classic or double coat TimTams. I like mine with coffee made with condensed milk. I’m guessing the broads and Peter would prefer other warm gooey liquids for a TimTamSlam.

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