Nothing is held back, even when it should be.

Mark G.

Ep 127 – Mouthy AF

The Broads declare that limited edition Oreos are nasty af, specialty Poptarts are lit af, and propose a fashion app to keep your look on fleek. If you’re too basic to understand a word of this, listen to our guide on slang to get you woke af to the Millennial speak.





Oreo Flavors

Poptart Flavors

2016 Slang


Mouthy Broadcast
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• You’d rather hang out at a bar than a beauty parlor. • You believe the creative use of foul launguage is an art form. • You refer to your best friends in ways others would find offensive • Beverages taste funny when served without booze • “Easily offended” is not a phrase used to describe you.

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