The (untitled) Listener Challenge!

Mouthy Broadcast is pleased to announce our first real giveaway – The (untitled) Listener Challenge! Participation is easy, and is all based around telling your friends about the show.

Entries accepted from March 18th at noon until April 1, 11:59 a.m. (All times Eastern Daylight)

Here’s how to participate:

1. LIKE our page!

Go to and give us a big ol thumbs up. You probably have already done this, right? Good!

2. INVITE your friends!

Use the share, invite, or recommend feature to bring your friends along. They MUST Like our page to participate.

3. Friends COMMENT with YOUR name on the specific event photo

Go to – if your browser doesn’t go there automatically, look for the image of the BIG RED BRICK WALL under “All posts”. You can’t miss it. The friend MUST mention your name and ONLY your name somewhere in that comment (it’s helpful if they tag, but don’t need to)


The more people you invite, the more chances to win! Read the fine print down below for more information. I SAID DO IT

One random comment will be chosen April 1st… BOTH people in that comment will win a prize pack!

What’s in the prizes? More details to come but here’s our illustrious sponsor list ….



Links you will need:

The Official Event page:  – This will be your hub for all information surrounding the contest.

Out official Facebook page:

More rules and regulations
(the fine print)

  1. No purchase necessary (duh)
  2. Must be 18 years or older. Get out, kids
  3. Each entry into the sweepstakes is constituted by a top level comment (not a reply) under the “brick wall” image at
  4. Each referred friend (Noobs) may only create ONE entry by commenting ONE name as the referral. It is helpful for us if the name is tagged! Additional comments by the Noob will be disqualified, as will comments that contain more than one referral name. We will attempt to moderate these as the contest progresses, but no promises!
  5. A Comment on the brick wall acts as a single sweepstakes entry for both the referrer and noob. Simply following the page or responding to the event is not an entry.
  6. Both the referrer and the noob must be a fan of the Mouthy Broadcast facebook page to be eligible.
  7. Existing fans (as of contest open) may not CREATE an entry in the sweepstakes. It’s your job to tell others about the show so THEY can create the entry for you. Go out there and spread the word, lazies!
  8. After joining the page, Noobs may gain additional entries by bringing in new fans who in turn create new entries.
  9. Entries accepted no sooner than March 18 at noon EDT, and cut off no sooner than April 1, 2017 11:59 a.m. EDT. Sweepstakes is closed when comments are disabled on the brick wall image.
  10. One random comment will be chosen. Both people in the entry will win one of the 2 primary prize packs each containing : A packet of 10 buttons from Buttonhead, a 20% off coupon code for Make. Grow. Eat, a 20% off coupon code for Itty Bitty Press, a discount code for $10, a Strawdarey Button from Akuma Ramu, A sticker and button pack from Red Vein Haunts, and a discount code for $15 at Char’s Golden Goods. Additional terms apply (minimum purchase etc) depending on the retailer. Prize pack will be mailed to recipient via US postal service.
  11. An additional “locals only” bonus prize will be awarded to a random participant who resides in the state of Virginia or DC metro area. The winners of the prize pack are eligible for this prize as well.
  12.  Lauren, Peter, and Jennie (your podcast hosts!) are not eligible to win, though you may mention them in your sweepstakes entry. In the event that the winner was referred by one of the hosts, a second winner will be chosen at random. The same person cannot win both prize packs.
  13. By participating in this contest you agree to above rules which you have totally read and could probably even ace a quiz on them if you needed to. (Which you don’t)
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