Who are the Broads?

Mouthy Broadcast is a podcast starring a revolving cast of women, mostly from Hampton Roads, Virginia. Our goal is to create a no-holds-barred irreverent, yet honest and insightful chat show that’s strong enough for a woman, but made for men, too.

The Broads


A space traveller from Liverpool, Jennie has come to drop knowledge on you.  She is in a serious relationship with a handsome member of Starfleet, and has an adolescent Japanese daughter.  Jennie’s super powers include designing magical gateways and drinking delicious cocktails.

Luna 74657_10151337878797906_1242561008_nMeri:

Born from the forbidden love between Batman and a sexy hobbit, Meri kills her enemies with lasers shot from her eyeballs.  Cats are her minions, and Tom Hiddleston is her husband of 15 years.



If you try to break our lovely Deb, you will fail.  She has bones made of Adamantium thanks to the mad scientists who experimented on her during childhood.



Lauren’s long tongue is actually a legendary symbiotic tentacle creature that has fused with her brain and vastly increased her knowledge of random trivia. The downside? It makes her a little… emotional.


Jen is as refined as boxed wine and a snickers bar. She will talk some serious smack before laying down some serious wisdom. Half way to being a tree hugger but still finds time to shower daily.


The token dark-skinned Asian of the group, Jean teaches us new words, is great with electronics, and can play a mean ukulele. Her ninja-like wit jumps into the conversation and stabs us in the ass.tumblr_muivqvgQrx1rl5xf4o1_500



Do not mess with Tierney – she will kick you in the balls.  Mama T is raising an adorable little care bear, but she still manages to hit the town, get buck wild, and look fabulous doing it – Gangnam Style!

BroadCast’s Defining Tunes

BroadCast’s favorite concerts

Fantastic caricatures by  artist Christ Flick!


  • • You’d rather hang out at a bar than a beauty parlor. • You believe the creative use of foul launguage is an art form. • You refer to your best friends in ways others would find offensive • Beverages taste funny when served without booze • “Easily offended” is not a phrase used to describe you.

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