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She’s got Steve Buscemi eyes……

Ah, here we have episode four of the Broads doing their thing.  In case you didn’t know (Pay attention, kids!), we decided to do this in front of a camera, with our pal Lauren hanging out via satellite (or Google Hangout, details, shmetails).  If you didn’t watch, you missed actually seeing Deb knock over more wine.  We’re gonna need to put her in a bubble.

Our theme revolved around the idea of guys being friends with us gals, whether it being platonic to begin with, exes, or just guys who like to share their love of inserting soap into their rectums.  As usual we veered away from this topic, but that’s how we roll.

Lauren also shared her top ten famous dudes she wants to bang, which included a certain actor with rather unusual eyes…  If only other people had his eyes…  Wait a moment!

We also reveal our new phone number, where we encourage you to leave us funny messages, berate us (kidding – LOOOOOOOVE us), suggest topics, give it to d-bags who hit on you, whatever.  Just remember that if you do leave a message, your voice could potentially appear on one of our shows.  BE WARNED, MWAAAAA HAAAAA.

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