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Jennie Z.

G. Love and Pencil Sauce

This episode comes from a trio of Broads. Jennie, Lauren, & Meri talked about a vast array of topics. We started with some Con talk. MonsterFest, DragonCon, and some others. You’ll find out in a future episode that us bitches like to go to Cons. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into one of us at one. Don’t be a creeper, though.

We also talked about concerts. There are some awesome stories. Check them out. Also, listen to our BroadCast’s Favorite Concerts playlist on Spotify!

You must also listen to Jennie tell her tales of being a tough badass youth, worthy of being in a gang in whatever childhood movie you choose.

So. There’s also State Fair talk (care for some fried Twinkies? Too soon?) and a lesson was learned: Sometimes translating Google Voice transcripts makes for fun new phrases!

As referenced in the show,  Rebecca makes great geeky items from recycled materials. If you’re in need of a gift idea for someone this holiday season, this could be perfect!

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