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Christmas: the “other” C-word: Episode 8

All the happiness that only serious PMS (or PMDD) can bring. We’re talking murderous rages and insatiable sexual appetites,  Broadcast style. Jennie, Meri and Deb talk the signs and symptoms of wanting to take a bitch out for no reason as well as the top five superheroes with whom they would like to get down and dirty. (Thank you, Batman! Thank you!) We know James Gunn got into a little hot water with the latter topic some time ago, but how can Mary Sue take issue with three women? Enough with all this women hating women! Can’t we all just get along? (Batman is ours! Grrr.) Oh! We name our top five villains too, I think. Then, there’s sex-toy-recycling questions and a poem by Jennie, written when her hormones first started to do battle with her brain.  Don’t be scared. It’s all in good fun. Maybe. Press play and pray…

Then, head over to our facebook page where we will (eventually) have a poll on your top 10 sexy women in comics!

Featured image stolen from The Hawkeye Initiative.

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