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Bob F.

That’s What She Likes


Special guest Charlynn joins us for the first of two episodes. On this one we talk about our favorite things of the moment, whether it’s TV shows, books, or podcasts. Someone’s got a hard-on for Chris Hardwick, we’ve got it bad for Breaking Bad, and spacey for Netflix’s House of Cards.

And, um, Hyperion. There’s no good puns here.

Warning: A couple of the ladies go into full-on SQUEE! mode over cute puppies and kittens for the last 5 minutes. No matter how hard some of us tried, it all got way Too Cute.

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  1. I was just about to start reading Hyperion. I read the “The Terror” and it was a huge let down but wanted to give it a spin anyway. Next time I swing by I’ll make sure I leave some money in the tip jar. Be well 😀

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