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After a brief hiatus (hey, sometimes Broads got shit to do), Jennie & Meri bring in our special lesbian guest Jen!  We chat about volunteering for various causes – we have good, bad, & ugly crying experiences.  And then of course, what you’ve all been waiting for, Jen answers a bunch of questions about her love of females.

And somewhere in there we talk about Jerry Seinfeld.

Volunteer! – Jen gives these folks her time – Meri volunteered at the SPCA

 What’s a lesbian? are you serious?

 Jen’s Hot Ladies list

erin ryder

Erin Ryder – Jen’s # 1 lady crush

Some other hot ladies in Jen’s top 10:

Shirley Manson

Amy Bruni

Kaley Cuoco

Megan Fox

Lucy Faranelli

Jenna Wolfe & Stephanie Gosk

Kris Williams


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