Hate the Player, Not the Game.

Stolen from Busted Tees. Sorry.

Meri gets a little riled up today when the other girls simply SUGGEST.. and I mean the MEREST SUGGESTION that Hiddleston MIGHT be gay. I mean… it could be true, right?

Vine is the hottest new thing on the planet and we are all slightly addicted. We recommend you follow Will Sasso, Arthur Darvil, HoMo Productions, and of course, us! If we could figure out how to link to the profiles, we would, but alas this editor is a Vine idiot. Also we talk about our trip to see the legendary Cyndi Lauper. What a great time.

Shit gets a little real when we discuss the story of a man who was harassed because other online gamers thought he was female, exposing sexism in the gaming world. We get some ice cream, calm our titties, and talk about our favorite tabletop games, sponsored by The Gaming Pit.


Horshack of Welcome Back, Kotter

Cyndi Lauper – See the show if you get a chance!

The Gaming Pit– Friend of the show Julie and her husband run this awesome game store in Georgia!

Game On Ladies – What happens when a guy logs in under his wife’s gamertag?

Intervention convention – August 23-25, 2013 in Rockville, Maryland!

Vote for Jennie -Miss Nerd America contestant 2013. Round 3 voting ends August 17

Player Hater Stolen from Busted Tees. Sorry.

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