Listener Challenge!

Summer’s in full swing, and the Broads are sweating. Somehow, sweating actual balls. In this episode, the balls hang out and eat chips while Meri, Jennie, & Jen admit to doing all kinds of things, challenge you listeners to make art & suggest beers, and chat about some really weird news stories.

We also have a fascinating interview with Oni, one of the co-founders of Intervention, the premier showcase of online creativity.  We talk about this weekend’s upcoming convention, her comic, and more. It’s easy to see how Intervention has become one of the coolest Cons on the eastern seaboard in only 4 years! Oni knows her shit, and is dedicated to creating something truly unique and special.

This week’s music is courtesy of Howard Moody. Buy Big Balls from iTunes and be sure to check out the awesome video on Youtube!


Thanks for being Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed!

The show about Bigfoot

Teen Titans Go!

Meri’s pal Bleu had a song on the Spiderman soundtrack.

Mmmmm, Summer Shandy beer!

Maggot ears, OH NO.

Dudes having labor pains

Weed in your Burger King bag!

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Intervention – this weekend, August 23-25 in Rockville, MD

Follow Oni on Twitter

Howard Moody aka HoMo Productions



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