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They Say It’s Our Birthday

The Broads have been drunk for a year!  Please enjoy this episode recorded live on the interwebs – Jennie, Meri, Jean, & Jen played some Best Of clips, listened to some great voicemails from our pals, had fun with the soundboard, and talked about things and stuff.  You’ll also hear a message from Amber Unmasked, about a great event coming up next month.  Here’s Meri to give you some info:

Being a geeky kind of chick and liking comic books, combined with a cause that’s dear to my heart is a cool thing, and I wanted to signal boost the upcoming Superhero Weekend for my buddy Amber.  If you live near Comic Fusion, I highly suggest you go check out the store October 5th & 6th.  There will be awesome cosplay, yummy treats, a doggie costume contest, and some great comic writers/artists will be there.  More importantly, there will be drawings by some of the greatest comic artists ever for you to bid on – how cool is that?  If you’re not in the NJ area, you can bid via email, which rules.  And you know what?  All of this benefits SAFE In Hunterdon,  a group that helps victims of domestic and sexual abuse.  Being a victim of a verbally and physically abusive ex-boyfriend, I am glad to see an organization like this doing good work.  So make sure you spread the word, bid on a drawing, donate, or whatever you can do to make this a successful Superhero Weekend!

Comic Fusion’s Superhero Weekend!

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Swift or Hitler?

Raise Your Hand if you’re Sure

Fish like big balls

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