Take The TARDIS To The Friend Zone

The hens are peckin’ in this episode.  We argue about the new Doctor, get psyched up for our year anniversary (be sure to check out our FIRST ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL this Saturday at 4pm), kiss and tell about all night partying, praise Jennie for being our queen, and discuss the friend zone.

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Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor!

Capaldi’s IMDB page

David Tennant’s IMDB page

Idris Elba’s IMDB page

Who’s this Paterson Joseph guy?

The illustrious Neil Gaiman

We’re not like The Human Centipede at all, really.

Or smegma. Ewwwww.

Avengers fake sex toys. AND THERE IS A LOKI ONE.

David Mead’s site, if you must look.

Da Friend Zone

Jennie, Our HBIC

Watch our 1st Anniversary Special, 9/7/13 at 4pm!

Delicious Zombie Killer!

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