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Hangin’ Not Really Tough

Two Broads, and a couple of topics.  Maybe more than two topics.  Who cares, the important thing is MERI IS BACK!  Ok, so Meri is the one writing this.  Don’t believe her.  She’s really full of herself and is sucking down Pinot like it’s an appendage of Tom Hiddleston.  THAT WAS CRASS.  ANYWAY.  So, this miniskirt will thrill your earholes, because Jennie and Meri laugh at New Kids On The Block, discuss some new music releases, and gush over our love for Spotify.  If it just got Beatles songs, IT WOULD BE PERFECT.

For best results watch this when you hear the music start in the show:

 Cheesus Christ

Rogue Maple Bacon Ale

Paul McCartney’s new album is NEW

Get you some Spotify in your life

Tom Hiddleston dancing. In Korea.

Spotify Playlists:

Jennie’s Spotify playlist collection – a giant list, but no, this is not all of them.

One Piece at a Time – Play along!

BroadCast’s Defining Tunes

BroadCast’s favorite concerts

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