An episode followed by a Nut-nap.

In this episode of Mouthy Broadcast, Meri & Jennie talk about movies and the communal experiences we share seeing a film in a theater, Jennie gets some kind of crazy unfounded hate email (but also a great review via iTunes), and of course there’s some obligatory Tom Hiddleston fangirling from you-know-who.  And we don’t mean Voldemort.  There’s also some bitching about the fact that ‘Murica’s consumerism is so out of control that Christmas shit is already getting underway.  How cray cray is that?!  Finally, a LISTENER CHALLENGE:  give Jennie a new amazing television series to watch!  Email us, tweet us, or comment on the BookFace.

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Lesbian Feminist Haunted House

Info on long lost Doctor Who episodes!

Put A Bird On It!

Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band-Aid

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