Irrefutable proof that Prince is a Time Lord.

“You’ve got to be kidding, right?” I hear you saying.


It’s cool. When I first had the idea I was a little shocked too. Hear me out.

Like the Doctor, the Master, the Warrior, or the Corsair, he’s just Prince.  His name has, over time, become synonymous with who he is. When people hear the word Prince,  they think:




Go ahead. Google  one word: Prince. I’ll wait.

(Note, this page is pretty image heavy. In case you’re not on Wi-fi, or you’re using dial up. Loser.)

He does seem to carry himself as royalty though, much as Time Lords do.

070813-fashion-beauty-prince-v-magazine-cover Doctor_Who_-_Time_Lords_in_The_End_of_Time

Sometimes he goes by any of his number of aliases, one of which is an enigmatic symbol unpronounceable in the human language.


He is himself a bit of an enigma, though. Time Lords are like that.
Many cultures seem worship him as if he is a god.

princeportrait tattoo

He is constantly reinventing himself… That is to say … Regenerating! And he ALWAYS does it with flair.


Every regeneration has a very unique sense of style, with an affinity for hats and fancy neckwear:

tumblr_lsklssCMsF1qjv8h0 tumblr_lumv86RDOd1qdoit4

He seems to gravitate to puffy shirts.

Though sometimes his newly adopted fashion sense is a little .. questionable … you always know it’s him.

princelgasses tumblr_m1z4jznFno1qke9zoo1_400

And knows exactly what to say to sound cool.


He’s just sexy.


Acts courageous, no matter what, and he looks cool doing it.



He suffers no fools.


He knows when to walk away instead of fighting (sometimes)


Yet, he remains light-hearted at his core. You know that in a sense, he just wants to have fun.


His Super Bowl® halftime show is widely regarded as one of the best in history. In the middle of singing “Purple Rain,” he used alien technology to control the weather and ACTUALLY make it rain. Watch.

Prince is ageless. It was best said on an Uproxx article: “Prince turned 54 years old today. But he could be 34 or 67 or 128 or 298. Time means nothing to Prince, Prince means nothing to time. He is of the past, present, future, and sexy future. He is…Prince.

Think about it. Chat with your friends over a cup of tea and let us know what you think.

prince_cgozeo1_400 tumblr_mdpvo7VZqk1rnron6


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