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Can you believe that we like something other than cursing and booze? It’s true. In this very hungover episode of Broadcast, we give a few recommendations of our current favorite things. AKA, the lazy episode because we can’t brain. Jennie has been listening to The Dead Bedouins podcast; if you can stand this show, you might like them too. And of course, the current all you can eat Doctor Who buffet. Meri attempts to explain a magic trick on a podcast, and upon talking about Derek, she and Deb start crying like little bitches. Deb’s current favorite show is American Horror Story: Coven.

Also Archer and dead hookers.

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And remember, it’s all Meri’s fault.


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More Linky Links:
Star Wars invades Kinkade paintings

Watch this, then scroll down and look at the Starry Night painting below. This is (I think) what the magic trick was all about.


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