I can't get enough of these mouthy ladies.

Ed D.

You Say Baloney, I Say Bulls***!


In this insane episode of the podcast, there’s a full house of Broads.  Jennie, Jean, and Deb are joined by special guest Emily, the return of Tierney, and drunk Meri.  Topics range from how to say/spell baloney, Emily’s sexual tendencies, the upcoming Sandman film, and that whole Duck Dynasty mess.  There’s also some wine spillage and talk of Pensacola beaches and mukluks.  Random enough for ya?

This week’s music:

“Pent Up”
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“One More Drink”
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What the hell is a mukluk?

My baloney has a first name

Neil Gaiman reading….  Mmmmmm.

The perfect Trent?

Christina Hendricks – yum!

Fet Life

JGL and Sandman

Visit beautiful Pensacola!

GQ Interview with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.



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