Not a hen party after all.


Nine Inch Meggings

Today on Mouthy Broadcast, Charlynn and Lauren join Jennie through the marvels of the interwebs! They discuss the new NIN album, good and bad television and as promised, MEGGINGS. Hear what our listeners had to say about the latest male fashion trend.

Listener Challenge! 

Buy some meggings and send us photos of yourself wearing them. Also, each time we record we say “That’s the title of the episode!” and then we’re so drunk, we forget what that was. Tell us what the ACTUAL episode title is. Maybe the listener with the most correct answers at the end of the year will get a prize.


“Bad Wolf”
“Boonta Boonta Solo”


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Meggings –

Moose Knuckle

Dexter’ producers explain finale, defend final season |

Broad City – 

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