Nice to be able to hear a podcast from women who are just -real-

Mona C.

Big Beefy Sausage Fingers

Jennie visits Deb in her fortress of solitude, but only under the condition that she is bound and blindfolded as to not reveal the hidden location. She’s been a bit depressed … and slutty … and is somewhat ready to talk about it. They also discuss the Olympics, Valentine’s day, and what it feels like in inhale New Jersey.

There’s also a couple voicemails from someone who is trying OK Cupid for the first time, apparently, and that bitch Meri, too.

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“Medicine Chest”
“Oh No”
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Jennie is kidnapped by Deb’s bodyguards … and, well, she liked it: 

Man Responsible For Olympic Ring Mishap Found Dead In Sochi

Period Panties by Harebrained Inc.

Black Girl Nerds  – She’s black, she’s a nerd and she proudly blogs it

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Feb 16 – Mouthy Broadcast/Your Music Show crossover special!

Feb 12 – Geeks Night  of Comedy (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Feb 22 – Panties in a Twist: All Female sketch comedy Show. (Norfolk, Virginia)

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