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Drunk Dork Duo

Deb and Jennie get together to muse about a little of everything in the bougiest episode ever: The rules of the Mouthy Broadcast drinking game, why you shouldn’t date your neighbors, the meaning of words, dressing too nice for the “tobacco products” shop, Hannibal, and music trends. Deb tries to annoy Jennie by referring to the Beatles as the “Justin Biebers of their time.”

This was actually the second episode that we recorded last weekend so there are some teasers to next week’s awkward and disgusting shenanigans…


“The Importance of Turning Left”
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“Lucky You”
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Hannibal Season 1- Episode 1: Apertif

Scott Thompson on the Colbert Report

Bougie : Aspiring to be a higher class than one is. Derived from bourgeois – meaning middle/upper class, traditionally despised by communists.

Mouthy Broadcast
About Mouthy Broadcast 262 Articles
• You’d rather hang out at a bar than a beauty parlor. • You believe the creative use of foul launguage is an art form. • You refer to your best friends in ways others would find offensive • Beverages taste funny when served without booze • “Easily offended” is not a phrase used to describe you.

3 Comments on Drunk Dork Duo

  1. I have to believe that the dude who spilled the wine on your shirt didn’t do it on purpose and most likely felt bad about it afterwards. He was probably just going in to give a friend a goodbye hug and accidentally bumped your wine glass with his elbow. His intentions were good, but the results were not as intended. He probably felt so bad about spilling your wine on your shirt that he didn’t even hug his friend goodbye afterwards. If that’s the way things went down, I actually feel pretty bad for the dude. He sounds like a really thoughtful, awesome kind of guy.

    Anyhow, A+ podcast. Will listen again.

    • I’m sure he is a terrific guy! Really, who is Deb to judge someone for spilling wine? She ought to recognize that as a sign that she and this swell chap have something in common.

      • I also confessed that I had spilled beer all over him before he spilled wine all over me. That said, we could spend our lives just spilling things all over each other. Wait! That sounds dirty, and I didn’t mean for it to sound dirty!

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