Not a hen party after all.


Prepare the Eyebleach

Please be warned, this episode is a little more graphic than usual. We discuss some pretty salacious topics and pride ourselves in being crude, but we mention certain things that are generally thought to be the worst things on the internet.

Cute Kitten

Ok, you know our podcast is audio only so you may be thinking “Why eyebleach?” Well, when you have an imagination as active as Deb and Jennie, just hearing about something is equivalent to seeing it in person. Please refer back to this image of the kitten whenever you feel that you need to cleanse your mind with something pure.

As Jennie considers writing romance erotica books, she discusses some of the strange kink and fetish categories that some women apparently enjoy reading. One rabbit-hole leads to another and before you know it there’s two chicks alone in an apartment discussing porn. It happens.


Crimson Electric – The Scent

Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein


Vibrating Alarm clock
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