Not a hen party after all.


Five April Fools

Breaking news! Two of the Broads try the Waffle Taco and report in. Bianca is upset with Jen for saying his friend looks like a drag queen.

The second episode recorded at the WYRD101 studios.  New words added to the Oxford English dictionary, office politics, a prank call, Jen’s WTF moment, Jennie confesses an unpopular opinion, the origin of Wonder Woman, and of course more urine.

Don’t forget — Tidewater Comicon is coming up soon! April 12th at the Crowne Plaza on Bonney Rd. in Virginia Beach. Doors open at 9.  There’s going to be all kind of cool panels, entertainment, vendors, and of course a costume contest.


Daycations- Hold Tight

The Gloom – Bad Wolf


Astroglide Personal Lubricant, 5-Ounce Bottle

Cunty, Cuntish, Cunted and Cunting Added to Oxford English Dictionary

Bomb Shelter Radio (sorry John!)

Dick-Jokes.Com – More SFW than you’d think

SpaceDicks subreddit (NSFW)

Absolute Uncertainty of VA

Judgemental Map of Richmond

Money Art by Mark Wagner

Wonder Woman

Mouthy Broadcast
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