Nice to be able to hear a podcast from women who are just -real-

Mona C.

C U Next Tuesday stickers!

C.U. Next Tuesday vinyl sticker $5


10580021_721004051268368_8744536740387383368_nIt’s only been 10 months!

Top quality vinyl cutout style, approximately 4″ big, just how we like ’em. If you really love the show, slap one of these on your car, helmet, laptop, kindle or motorboat, and tell the world!

Want one?

Head over to the RA Comics shop & grab yours along with one of our t-shirts and some cool Playing Doctor Podcast merch.


Jennie Zell
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A space traveller from Liverpool, Jennie has come to drop knowledge on you. She is in a serious relationship with a handsome member of Starfleet, and has an adolescent Japanese daughter. Jennie’s super powers include designing magical gateways and drinking delicious cocktails.

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