We’ve got something for Hannibal to eat

The Terrible Trio is back for this episode. Meri, Jennie, and Deb gush about how much they love Hannibal, are/are not looking forward to the new Star Wars movies. There’s also mention of tampon flasks – how do they work? and confessions about buttsex.

If that doesn’t raise our SEO, nothing will.

P.S. Lesbians. (just for good measure.)


180 Out, Combine


Tracy Morgan (Google news link)

Hannibal invites Gordon Ramsay for dinner

Star Wars Episode 7 cast

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  1. Regarding Lee Pace as a possible, Bryan Fuller actually almost cast David Tennant as Hannibal Lecter. Mads came in and blew them away, but Bryan Fuller still plans to cast Tennant at some point in the show’s future because he was so blown away by his performance. I’m hoping he gets cast as the Tooth Fairy when they get to the Red Dragon portion of the story.

    I’m not sure where you guys think that they’re already touching on Red Dragon. Fuller has mentioned that the first murder on the first episode was the work of the Tooth Fairy before he decided on an M.O. There’s been various lines and scenes cribbed from Red Dragon (the comment about Will’s aftershave, Freddy on fire in a wheelchair).

    Fuller said that next will be a combination of Hannibal and Hannibal Rising. It makes sense because I would assume that Mason would try to get revenge sooner rather than later. So, they’re doing season 3 (Hannibal on the run), season 4 (Red Dragon), season 5 (Silence of the Lambs), and season 6 (Will and Clarice team up to take down Hannibal for good). I’m guessing he’ll team up with Will to smoke Hannibal out of hiding like he used Clarice in the book/movie. Also, thankfully, Fuller has said that Hannibal’s origin story won’t be the same as Hannibal Rising because that story was fucking awful. He said they will introduce Lady Murasaki and Hannibal’s uncle in season 3 (Fuller wants David Bowie as his uncle), but Hannibal’s origin won’t be the same. They’re just going to explore Hannibal’s family and touch on what his family knows about him.

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