Ep-91: Birthdays, how do they work?

Happy birthday to the broads! We bring voicemail from listeners, space news, and discuss our favorite cartoon characters, the Minions. Thanks to all of our listeners for supporting us for 3 years of nonsense.

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Cat Butt coasters


Space News!! Periods in space! 

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• You’d rather hang out at a bar than a beauty parlor. • You believe the creative use of foul launguage is an art form. • You refer to your best friends in ways others would find offensive • Beverages taste funny when served without booze • “Easily offended” is not a phrase used to describe you.

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  1. Ahh yeasty chunks, my first vaginal examination as a medical student was on a young lady who was also a sex worker. She had a severe problem with thrush so much so it was like removing cottage cheese.

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