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Episode 92 – Les Stravaganza!


Lauren reveals her new girl crush, Jen gets all excited, and Jennie is left to tread through their sexual tension. The broads continue to push the #homoagenda by reviewing hot new bi-curious songs, and having Jen indulge all the heteros with her “Ask a Lesbian” segment. Stick around until the end when it all gets wrapped up with some delicious ham sandwiches.

#ham #lesbian #scissors #lick #rubyrose #demilovato #mileycyrus #genderfluid

Listen now!


180 Out – Queen of Hearts

Broken Mouth Annie – You’re So Easy


Ruby Rose “Break Free”

Demi Lovato “Cool for the Summer”

Miley Cyrus “Bang Me Box”

Garbage “Androgyny”


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3 Comments on Episode 92 – Les Stravaganza!

  1. I don’t know, “clam jam” sounds more like menstruation, to me. (Which, granted, could serve as a cunt block in itself.)

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