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Ep-102: Death Comes Calling

We were optimistic in previous episodes, but 2016 is off to a horrific start with the passing of some of our favorite stars. Luckily, there are multiple voicemails from our fantastic listeners to lift our spirits. Listen to more theories on Millennium Falcon threesomes, rectal musical preferences, “Lost” opinions, and unreasonably threatened masculinity.


Abe Vigoda’s Dead by Bauhaus/Spinn
Lifted from


Corky and the Juice Pigs “The Only Gay Eskimo”

Abe Vigoda Status

Daniel Radcliffe’s Tribute to Alan Rickman

Evanna Lynch’s (Luna Lovegood) Tribute to Alan Rickman

FilmCritHulk Lost Review

Gustav Holst “The Planets” Zubin Mehta

Squatty Potty Commercial featuring Unicorn Poop

Summer’s Eve Bodywash Commercial

No Rey Toys

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