Ep 113- Sex Ed(die Vedder)


Have kids? Maybe one day, you’ll have the opportunity to explain analingus to them. Then again, maybe you aren’t Lauren, and you would rather be a loving mother that doesn’t scar her children with overly-progressive sexual education. Speaking of anal, this episode is jam-packed with pegging! Stick around for Peter’s Pearl Jam concert review and another voicemail from our boss at the network. Can’t get enough of the Broads? Join our GroupMe chat room from the link in the notes below.

Rest in peace, you sexy motherfucker.

Listeners please know that this was recorded over a week ago. Yes, we have apparently once again mentioned a celebrity just before their passing. Is the show cursed? Please join us in the protective circle that we will be forming around Pearl Jam. Just in case.


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“Queen of Hearts”


Pegging Article: “Bend Over Bro”

Not Safe with Nikki Glaser

The Broads GroupMe Chat Room!

Peter’s Blog on Pearl Jam: “Grow Old with Me”

Jennie’s Spotify Playlist: “Pearl Jam 101”

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