Fatventures: Burger King Whopperito

All of the Broads are fans of food, but I’m the only one who openly admits to enjoying Burger King. When I heard about BK’s latest monstrosity, the “Whopperito,” I knew I owed it to the listeners to provide a full-fledged fatventure review. Burger King has taken their flame broiled Whopper off the bun, topped it with queso, and crammed it all inside of a soft shell tortilla. Not sure if you’re ready for all that? Well, that’s why I’m here! Allow me to share my self-hate lunch time experience with you.

First, let’s start with the price. If there’s one thing that the King is known for, it’s cheap food. At $3.29 plus tax, the Whopperito doesn’t deviate from that trend.

I admit that even I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to stomach this strange concoction. In preparation for the worst, I bought a salad as a back up plan, and was satisfied that these items combined were still less money than lunch at Panera. Although it was easy  on my wallet, I can’t say that eating the Whopperito was beneficial to my dignity health.

The packaging is basically the same that Burger King uses for the regular Whopper. It does not look like the advertisement, but no one is reading this for my critique of the wrapper.


Seeing the Whopperito unwrapped, I was actually startled by it’s size (that’s what she said).


Hesitantly, I took a bite, and I actually enjoyed it!
eat it

Inside are the same ingredients you’d find between the buns of a traditional Whopper (flame broiled beef, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, and mayo), plus queso! Yes, I ended that with an exclamation point because I have no self-respect love Whoppers and queso.

The Whopperito is the perfect combination of a BK burger and a Taco Bell burrito. If you have no regard for your body and well-being like those things, you’ll like this wrap. Do not order it expecting a fabulous meal, or even Chipotle. It’s Burger King! This is cheap fattening food with the main demographic of stoners and poor people. If you’re into this kind of food and prefer to treat your body like a trashcan, you’ll find that the Whopper toppings do work with well with the queso. Plus, it’s a super cheap and filling lunch option.

My rating:  4/5

(But keep in mind who is giving this review)


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  1. By the way, I finally tried the Whopperito!

    It is exactly what I expected. If the thought of a whopper stuffed inside a burrito disgusts you, then eating one will not change your mind. If it is something that makes you say “I want in”, then you will enjoy this.

    Frankly, eating the Whopperito is what I imagine sex with a prostitute would feel like–at once feeling very good, while also making me realize my life has made a serious wrong turn. I mean, am I obligated to tell my future wife that I did this? I really don’t want word getting out about this…

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