Ep 130 – Intervention Extravaganza!

Jennie and Ben are live at this year’s Intervention! Man. This is always a fantastic convention, but this was definitely the most spectacular year. The con had such a great lineup of guests: Thomas Dolby, Alex Kingston, René Auberjonois, Dwight Schultz, and Todd Haberkorn were Jennie’s favorites.

Future Ben joins to “charm” us with his English “class” but we kicked him off the air and were joined instead by our con friend Carla. We talk about how to avoid awkward situations and con crud, con apparel and etiquette, and we get a little nerdy with Doctor Who and Steven Universe and fandom gatekeepers.

Kara Dennison makes a drive-by appearance too!

By the way, this is the 4th anniversary of Mouthy Broadcast’s debut! Send us birthday wishes!


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“You are that Guy”



‘Steven Universe’ fandom is melting down after bullied fanartist attempts suicide

Carla on Deviantart

Owlsflower.com  – Kara and Ginger’s new book, with more goodies to be released soon!

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