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FatVentures: Wawa Mac & Cheese Mash-Up Edition

Anyone who knows me, or has listened to even just one episode of the Mouthy Broadcast knows how important Wawa is to my life. I eat at Wawa an average of four times a week, with the exception of Hoagiefest when I actually enjoyed two meals a day from Wawa. Today, during my lunch time ritual at the Wawa ordering kiosk, I saw a new cluster of items: Mac & Cheese MASH-UPS!  I tried one of these creations immediately, and soon learned they have only been released at select locations throughout the country. Since the other hosts don’t have any participating Wawas nearby, I took it upon myself to try two more combinations for dinner! In the name of science, I tried three of the four concoctions in less than 8 hours.


Mac & Cheese Burrito

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I was not impressed by the packaging. I prefer a burrito that’s tightly wrapped within a secondary sleeve, and this was just thrown into a brown paper bag.

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Once out of the bag, I wanted to see how it measured up. Hence, dat ruler.

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That first bite was pretty tastey!

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With spicy chicken, black beans, salsa, chipotle sauce, and (of course) mac and cheese, this mash-up really hit the spot! I would never have added macaroni to a burrito, but when you think about it, it’s not so different from rice. The mellow, cheesy, noodles blended nicely into the burrito. I especially recommend it to anyone who has no regard for sodium intake.

Rating:  3.5/5


Mac & Cheese Quesadilla:

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I was disappointed in this one immediately, because it wasn’t properly sliced. As I pulled it apart, the soft tortilla tore like wet paste. I’ve found that Wawa quesadillas tend to be pretty mooshy. To begin with, they are microwaved instead of grill pressed, and too many moist ingredients only make them worse.

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The first bite was a spooge-filled mess in my mouth and not at all in a good way.

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The inside is just a coagulated mess of soggy noodles, wet cheese, and mangled chicken. I would never order it again.

Rating:  1/5


Mac & Cheese Panini

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Ham, pickles, mac and cheese on toasted rustic bread. Sounds phenomenal to me!

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This one wasn’t as amazing as I expected. It wasn’t even as good at the burrito. The truth is, mac and cheese is just weird on a sandwich. The flavors are ok, and the toasted bread prevents it from being soggy. It’s just not awesome.

Rating:  3/5


Wawa is also serving a pulled pork hoagie with mac and cheese, but I didn’t try that. I’m not a fan of the Wawa pork, and I had enough of their mac and cheese in just one day to satisfy me for the next month. Overall, the Mac and Cheese Mash-ups are not Wawa standouts. I think it’s great that they are branching out with new promotions and recipes, but I’d much rather have the Gobbler year round than macaroni and cheese randomly thrown atop everything. In closing, not your best work, but I still love you, Wawa.




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