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Darrel T.

Ep 133 – Dashiki Dilemma

Ben joins the Broads for a very special after midnight episode. Fashion advice leads to #realtalk about racism and cultural appropriation when Jennie accidentally buys a dashiki.


Crimson Electric – Underhanded


Dashikis for sale

2 Dope Queens

Sooo Many White Guys


Twin Towers, Boss Man and Akeem:


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4 Comments on Ep 133 – Dashiki Dilemma

  1. I know doing a podcast and YouTube simultaneously is a big ask but now that you’ve done some Facebook live and some YouTube, doing the weekly Broadcast would be very cool on YouTube.

    • we are usually not coordinate enough to do that live every time. plus some of us show up to the recording lookin like trash.

      We are going to do more movie watch-alongs though. That was a lot of fun.

      • Cool. I enjoyed watching you all watch the movie. It would be great having a live video session with Charlyn there while you watch a Trek movie or even an episode of Voyager.

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