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Ep 147- Cash me in Florida how bout da

Welcome to Florida USA

Jennie and Ben trek down to sunny Florida to kick it with Peter. Lauren remotes in to hear their tales of boobs, traffic, and a loud mouth named Chachi. Special guest Mark Twain joins us to reminisce about days on the riverboat.



[xyz-ihs snippet=”Sicman-of-VA”]

“Sweatpants of Love”

Jennie will be on tonight (2/21/17) on the Deprogrammed show talking about Sicman! tune in and learn about this rad local band. 


Portable urinals

Portable Urinal


Wicked Women of Richmond


Red Vein Army

Blue Bee Cider


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  1. I think I would love Florida in the Summer. My kind of weather. I spent two days in Tampa in January once for work. It rained but it was warmer in Tampa than what it was in Canberra (in summer)
    It was good having Mark Twain on the podcast. Funny AF.

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