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Mona C.

Ep 157 – FlavorCon 2017

Lauren visits Hampton Roads for a weekend of fun, food, flavortown, and fffffComicon! The gals recap the weekend with Peter discussing the “new” Norfolk Waterside, Weezer, and Tidewater Comicon. Find out which famous celebrity checked out Lauren’s ass!


Illustrations by Carla

Deconstructed Designs

A Dog’s Life Comic

Tangent Artists

Rumble and Roar

A Geek and Her Machine

Weezer at FLAVORTOWN pictures

Tidewater Comicon pictures

Welcome to Waterside

Waiting for Weezer

Crab Fries

Flavortown burger

Taco Bell Adventure

Day 1 Tidewater Comicon

Day 2 Tidewater Comicon

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