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FMK Bots [Encore]

While we are on break we’ll be re-airing some classic episodes. Join our Groupme chat and finally get to talk to our chat bot, Zo!


This week, Ben Taylor of Tau Radio/Pop-culture Uncovered shares stories about his U.N.I.T. at Regeneration Who, and faces off against Peter’s Butthead impersonation. We answer a fan requested FMK challenge, and TV’s Jeff calls in to defend his stalking. Let us know if you are interested in joining the Mouthy Broadcast chatroom featuring our own version of Tay the Racist AI!


Zombie Anonymous







Ben Taylor on the Internet – Tau Radio & Pop Culture Uncovered

Tay, the whole story

Join our Groupme chat! 


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“You’re So Easy”


Ep-111: FMKBots

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