Ep 168 – Eclipsed by Harriet Tubman

The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park and Visitor's Center is near Cambridge, Maryland -- which is close to where Tubman was born into slavery until she escaped in 1849. (Dick Uliano/WTOP)

Jennie describes totality, Peter can’t wait for the premier of “You’re the Worst,” and Lauren is taking it all off for the Patreon campaign. Plus, we hate haters, play Harriet Tubman, and read more anonymous Sarahah messages!





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“Yes World”


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You’re the Worst

Put Shoe on Head

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  1. Even though I’ve already seen this episode, I’ll listen again tonight. The FX Networks link will only work in the USA I think. It won’t show in Australia. Thanks Lauren for the extra exposure for your fans.

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