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Bob F.

Ep 94: Your mom works on puzzles

Mouthy Broadcast Classic!

Peter joins Jennie and Lauren for an episode that your mom is gonna love. They talk new Star Wars, new X-Files, and “train wrecks” (that’s in quotes for a reason). Peter regales the broads with the wonders of life in Florida including Faith No More albums running for public office, blood sacrifices, and homeless men puppeteering skulls. He also introduces us to a new an all natural puzzle adhesive. It’s a boat race to finish to glue this one up!



Squatty Potty – Buy Now!

Sol Invictus

Skull Puppetry


Combine – Boonta, Boonta Solo

HU/LK – From the Hip-Aim High

Kingsbury – Blood in the Kitchen

Saddle of Centaur – Beez

Mouthy Broadcast
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