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[xyz-ihs snippet=”180Out”]
[xyz-ihs snippet=”Kingsbury”]
[xyz-ihs snippet=”frood”]
[xyz-ihs snippet=”Virgin-Forest”]
[xyz-ihs snippet=”Saddle-of-Centaur”]
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Good Guy Terms and Conditions:
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  2. This music will be included as part of Mouthy Broadcast’s audio (and possibly video) productions but will not be redistributed otherwise unless given explicit permission (such as sending to another podcaster/network for similar purposes) by you.
  3. The music will not be used as a theme song, in advertisements, or otherwise in a way to suggest a brand identity unless specific permission has been granted.
  4. Either you or Mouthy Broadcast may terminate the agreement at any time and no further use of the music will occur. HOWEVER, we will NOT remove your music from any past productions.
  5. Submitting this form does not guarantee that we’ll play your music. Maybe we don’t think it fits the feel of the show, or maybe we just don’t like it. Either way we’ll do our best to let you know if we choose not to use it.

 * Even if you send us music for free, if possible we will purchase or donate to compensate you. It might take a while. We’re disorganized and lazy but we love to support artists. 

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