Ep 101: Strong Female Characters and a Token Straight Guy

January 19, 2016 0

The website has a brand new layout, so make sure you check it out, and give some feedback instead of just listening. This week, the Broads recommend a couple of their favorite shows, “You’re the Worst” and “Jessica Jones,” but advise against watching “Supergirl.” Lauren had a Squatty Potty Christmas and gives a riveting review. Jennie really wants a sound system for her vagina, and Peter isn’t gay. […]

Ep 97: Make it Clap

December 9, 2015 0

Everybody has at least one friend who tells them stories about butt stuff, right? Well, you can always count on the Mouthy Broads! Not into butt stuff? How about porn on grandma’s computer, freakishly long forehead hairs, or making it clap? Look for our upcoming poll on whether Lauren should pluck ASAP or hold-off for a full year. Please listen, if not, we may need to go tra […]